Hospital patient bed rental is easy at Valley Medical Supplies! Whatever your preference on firmness, we have got you covered when it comes to mattresses, sheets, pads, and even tables. With an easy-to-use hand control, you are in full control of the bed, leg, and back heights with just the touch of a button. Choose from a standard (350 lb weight capacity) or bariatric sized (700 lb weight capacity & 7″ wider) fully electric bed. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your situation, and we would be glad to get you outfitted with the set-up that is most comfortable for you. Visit our Phoenix AZ location to learn more.

Our rental fleet is upgraded full-electric hospital beds made by Patriot and come standard with an upgraded premium mattress for additional comfort for our customers at no extra charge.

We use Telemade MDM-100 mattresses that are constructed from layers of high specification foam to provide advanced pressure redistribution. The patient surface is covered by a soft comfortable four-way stretch cover that enhances its pressure redistribution capabilities. The surface is also low shear, low friction, and moisture resistant.

Call today to ensure availability of your desired equipment and a spot on our delivery schedule!

Patient Bed Benefits

  • Low bed heights to prevent risk of falling will ensure peace of mind
  • Adjustable bed heights for easy wheelchair or bedside commode transfer
  • Brand new mattress provided for rentals longer than one month

Low Air Loss Mattress Benefits

  • 20 8″ deep cushions
  • 3 pressure zones for advanced pressure relief
  • Able to deliver over 1000 liters of air per minute for true low air loss therapy
  • Static, pulse and auto firm modes of operation

Bed Trapeze Benefits

Help patients transfer in and out of bed or change position with minimal assistance. The handle straps are adjustable for the most comfortable positioning. Most of the trapeze models have rubber-coated handles to prevent wall scuffs and are secured with a standing, overhead frames. Some models may secure by a base and ceiling, solely to the ceiling, directly to a bedframe, or free standing with floor bars. Assisted weight capacity of 250lbs, but bariatic (400lb) models available.