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Lumex Alternating Pressure Pad and Pump System

$144.99 $99.99

Designed to reduce patient discomfort and complications associated with long-term care, the Lumex Alternating Pressure System works two-fold with a bubble-style pad and an automatic 5-minute cycle that alternately inflates and deflates. Together these features work to disperse weight over a larger area by changing the pressure points on the body, thereby reducing irritation and skin breakdown associated with pressure sores, making this the perfect product for nursing homes or any long-term care facility.

Patriot Low Air Loss Mattress


Our most affordable Low-Air-Loss system. This Patriot 8″ Replacement Low Air Loss Mattress System is a Alternating pressure mattress with a Low-Air-Loss top cover. Exceptionally quiet and efficient.

The Patriot LAL-AP has a 4-inch alternating pressure surface with 20 individual nylon urethane-reinforced air cells. The top cover is made from a low shear nylon tafetta fabric that is vapor permeable and waterproof . Base is constructed from 18oz reinforced vinyl with a wrap-around zipper.


Nova Alternating Pressure System

$119.99 $107.99

The extra quiet lightweight pump has a high capacity output. It includes an illuminated on/off switch, a quick replace air filter, and a hook for bed attachment. The pump also includes a pad that inflates to 78″l x 34″w x 2.5″h. The bubble pad is heavy duty with 11 gauge textured PVC and has a weight capacity of 250lb. The warranty of the pad is for 120 days.