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Lotion EZE Applicator

$19.99 $17.99

The lotion applicator is designed to help you apply beauty products, creams and lotions to your hard-to-reach areas.


Personal Hygiene Wipe

$24.99 $22.99

he Personal Hygiene Wipe is an easy to use extender for personal hygiene. The ergonomically designed shaft extends your reach over 12 inches to get to hard to reach areas. Toilet paper and pre-moistened wipes are easy and securely applied with simple two step locking feature. The wipe features an easy to release button to discard paper after each use. Molded plastic material is easy to wipe down after use.


Nova Overdoor Traction Set

$23.99 $21.99

We love the Overdoor Traction Set because it gently, yet effectively soothes, stretches and comforts the neck and its surrounding muscles and joints … all from the comfort of your own home.