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**NEW** Whill Model A

$9,999.99 $7,999.99

The WHILL Model A Personal Mobility Device is the future of electric mobility. This innovative chair combines unprecedented functionality and design to enhance your everyday life. Top-of-the-line technology is the cherry on top of this truly exceptional device.


**NEW** Whill Model Ci

$4,999.99 $4,499.99

This completely new approach to power mobility blurs the line between a scooter and a power wheelchair. Innovation and technology come together to offer super easy handling-with a palm guided joystick. Enjoy greater peace-of-mind and independence with the embedded intelligent innovations, such as bluetooth controls and 3G connectivity.


Golden Alanté Sport

$5,235.99 $2,499.99

The all-new Alanté Sport continues to mean quality and value! The first thing that will catch your eye is the stylish redesign with a unique and vibrant red color shroud that is sporty and functional. Featuring a generous high back captain’s seat and adjustable armrests, the Alanté Sport is a front-wheel drive power base with our black, non-marking, flat free tires on painted plastic rims. The Alanté Sport offers excellent performance and maneuverability indoors and out for your active lifestyle.




Merits Vision Ultra

$6,499.99 $5,999.99

Merit’s new Vision Ultra Power Chair offers exceptional power and stability with 14″ drive wheels and large 22NF 50AH Batteries. The Vision Ultra includes a full suspension system and goes up to 5 miles-per-hour, and will travel as many as 18 miles on a single battery charge.


Pride Go Chair

$2,199.99 $1,499.99

The Go Chair is #1 for portability! With feather-touch disassembly, you can take your Go Chair to all your favorite places and enjoy greater independence.


Pride Jazzy Air 2


At the touch of a switch, the Jazzy Air® 2 elevates 12 in just 11 seconds. With a sleek, more modern look, this power chair safely drives at speeds up to 4 mph while elevated, allowing users to enjoy face-to-face social engagement. With Mid-Wheel 6® Drive and Active-Trac® Suspension, the Jazzy Air® 2 offers enhanced performance and stability both indoors and out.


Pride Jazzy Passport

$2,899.99 $1,999.99

Simply fold and travel with the Jazzy® Passport. This compact power chair folds in just a few steps and offers convenient storage and ample foot room. Travel in comfort with the Jazzy Passport.


Pride Jazzy Select

$5,099.99 $3,529.99

Experience the simplicity and maneuverability of the Jazzy Select®. Equipped with Active-Trac® Suspension, this power chair ensures a smooth, comfortable ride over uneven terrain. Powerful dual motors provide exceptional performance and range, and mid-wheel drive offers a tight turning radius. With an easy to use controller, the Jazzy Select is a perfect choice both indoors and out.


Golden Compass HD

$6,697.99 $4,599.99

The Golden Compass HD offers you a stable, center-wheel-drive platform and an articulating chassis for stability over tough terrain. A bigger, beefier version of the popular Compass, the Compass HD has a 450 lb. weight capacity, yet a modest 20-inch turning radius. It comes standard with a two-tone charcoal/grey captain’s seat and our exclusive fold-flat seat hinge design for easy transport.

The Compass HD features front and rear height-adjustable seat posts, padded flip-up armrests, an easy-to-use sliding seat bracket and a fully adjustable footplate. With this lineup of features, the Golden Compass HD can take you to places you could only imagine!

Model: GP620M


Golden Compass Sport

$5,335.99 $3,339.99

Introducing Golden’s patented Springless Articulating Chassis; all 6 wheels stay in contact with the ground offering the industries most stable and easy to use power wheelchair.  No other power wheelchair offers the same stability. 

The Golden Compass Sport GP605 comes standard with the new Dynamic Linx controller! The Dynamic Linx provides a better ride experience using Dynamic”s patented Dynamic Load Compensation technology.

Dynamic Load Compensation allows the electronics to control the speed of the motors so the chair behaves the way the client expects, making driving simpler and a more natural experience. This unique technology also makes the ride independent of the terrain or environment by continuously making small adjustments depending on the driving conditions, such as hills, speed and rider weight.



Golden LiteRider Envy

$2,059.99 $1,495.99

The worlds lightest, most transportable and maneuverable power chair is the Golden LiteRider Envy GP162! Designed with the end-user and their caregivers in mind, the LiteRider Envy can be disassembled in just seconds to easily fit in the trunk of virtually any car. The heaviest piece weighs only 35 lbs to easily be lifted into the back of a vehicle. The LiteRider Envy offers a comfortable ride all day long, with a stadium-style seat and a generous footplate, plus bigger 22 amp hour batteries(now standard) so you can go further than ever before! When you’re looking for a compact power chair that”s easy to transport and fun to drive, look no further than the Golden LiteRider Envy!



Merits Atlantis (P710 Models)

$8,450.99 $4,232.99

The Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair by Merits Health gives you the durability and comfort of a standard power chair with the added benefits of heavy duty construction and design. With a 31.5-inch turning radius, 12-inch drive wheels and a high-powered motor, the Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair will get you where you need to go with ease.


Merits Dualer (312 Models)

$7,498.99 $2,769.99

Superb maneuverability defines the Dualer, for easy access around your home. When there is simply not enough room to turn around, just rotate the seat in the opposite direction and drive back out! To change the drive wheel positioning, simply rotate the chair 180 degrees, lock it in place, and you’re ready to roll. Reach upper cabinets and grocery store shelves with ease using the power elevating seat, which is included FREE.


Merits EZ-GO (P321 Model)

$3,999.99 $1,574.99

The EZ-GO Travel Power Chair by Merits Health is an ideal secondary portable power chair for when you need to be on-the-go, while out and about. The lightweight chair easily disassembles into three pieces for convenient transport into your car, van or storage area. Whether you’re on a weekend trip or cruise vacation, the portable EZ-GO will keep you independent.


Merits Gemini SE (P301 and P30111 Elevating Seat)


The Gemini heavy duty power wheelchair by Merits Health seamlessly combines comfort with functionality. This is one of a very few heavy-duty power wheelchairs to offer not only a heavy-duty (450 lbs) capacity, but an optional power elevating seat, too! With highly adjustable features, a unique suspension system, and excellent maneuverability, this chair is ready to perform while keeping you comfortable.The Gemini is designed to be highly adaptable, so whether you’re using it at home or roaming about town, this chair is up to the challenge.


Merits Junior (P320 Model)

$5,199.99 $1,574.99

The Junior Compact Power Chair is a great twist on the classic power wheelchair. This chair is scaled-down in size but still features all of the standard functions you would expect to find in a full-size power wheelchair. The Junior has a max speed of 4.5 mph and a drive range of up to 12.5 miles when fully charged, so it’s a fantastic option if you want something to buzz around town in.


Merits Regal (P310 Models)

$5,999.99 $2,489.99

The Regal Power Wheelchair by Merits, is a stylish and a compact rear wheel drive model with a 10″ drive wheels and alloy rims. It features a sturdy, deluxe captain seat with an angle-adjustable back and flip-up armrests. Its lower seat height facilitates transfers and makes it the most stable unit in its class. Also, its programmable controller has a wide range of selections to suit the needs and demands of different users.


Merits Travel Ease (P101 Models)


The Travel-Ease Folding Power Chair has the more discreet look of a manual wheelchair while still packing the punch of a traditional power wheelchair. With a max speed of 4 mph and a range of up to 18 miles when fully charged, this chair can go the extra mile. The foam-filled tires are durable and ideal for worry-free roaming. The Travel-Ease is available in two different seat widths and has an adjustable back height with a range of 15″ to 19″ so you’re sure to get the perfect fit.