Supernal Hi-Lo Bed


You may be looking for a more comfortable solution than what you might find from a traditional bed, or you may require the features of a hospital bed in your home. Whatever your reason for needing a hi-low bed in your home, Transfer Master’s Supernal Recliner Bed System can be the solution to help you sleep more comfortably in your home.



Hospital bed features in the comfort of your home

A hi-low bed that can be adjusted from head to toe, the Supernal Hi-Low is designed to hide all of its electric components. This allows the bed to look like any other so you can receive guests in your bedroom without feeling self-conscious. Many features—from variable massage to the backlit wireless hand control—come standard with the Supernal Hi-Low. It’s the perfect bed for users who want comfort and functionality at an affordable price.


Key Features

  • Head, Foot, and Hi-Low Adjustable
  • Super low height for easy self transfer
  • Excellent height range for flexibility of use
  • Standard weight capacity
  • Hugs the wall so you can reach your nightstand
  • Cradles your pillow w/ a European style head tilt
  • Backlit wireless hand control for visibility
  • Variable massage settings
  • Emergency power down


Transfer in and out of bed with ease

With hi-low adjustability, you can raise or lower the bed for easy transfers.*

The Supernal Recliner is an optional 2 function version of this bed. Pair it with the Hi-Low for a Dual King setup. Note that the Recliner is a little taller than the lowest Hi-Low setting. You can also use two Hi-Low beds to create a Dual King.

*Note: The listed height changes with use of casters. 


Superior adjustability

Head, foot, hi-low, and European-style head tilt come standard with the Supernal Hi-Low.

And the wireless, illuminated hand control lets you adjust the bed from anywhere day or night—without turning on the lights. We understand the value of a tranquil bedroom.


Designed for the home

Meet the world’s first full-featured adjustable bed with hospital functions that doesn’t have the hospital bed look.

We thoughtfully engineered the Supernal to hide all the electrical components so that it looks great in your home. And it hugs the wall or headboard so that you can easily reach your nightstand.


Technical Specifications

  • Height Range
    (Deck to Floor)
    10.5″ – 20.5″
  • Capacity 400 lbs 500 lbs
  • Adjustability Head (65°) Foot (35°) Hi-Low Wall Hugging European-style Head Tilt
  • Sizes Twin 80 Full 80 Queen Dual King
  • Mattress Options Ascent Mattress (cloth or vinyl) Soft Touch Mattress (cloth or vinyl) Pressure Guard Mattress
  • Available Add-Ons Half Rails (head only) Bamboo Rail Covers Battery Backup 5″ Locking Caster (only for Supernal Hi-Low)


Additional information


Twin, Full


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