Pride Jazzy ZeroTurn 10

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The ZT10 scooter can handle up to 400 lbs. can travel as far as 28 miles on a single charge (range varies according to the weight load). Unlike most mobility scooters, this model can travel up to 6 MPH which is about 30% faster than most scooters that only go 4 MPH. The built in suspension creates a very smooth ride both indoors or outdoors and the stunning LED lighting package makes it possible to navigate at night with ease.



The LED lighting trim is very unique and resembles the headlights of an exotic/futuristic automobile. The suspension used in the ZT-TEN is unmatched and provides the smoothest ride we’ve experienced for a scooter in its class. First, the ZT 10 mobility scooter includes ZERO-TURN technology which allows the scooter to have the SHARPEST TURNING RADIUS in its class which is 43″. This is accomplished by having independent motors that work like a power chair, allowing the scooter to have a very robust system for turning the unit. A typical scooter of this size (24.25″ W x 48″ L) has a turning radius that easily exceeds 60″. Another unique feature about this model is that it automatically slows down if the user is taking a sharp turn when going too fast as a safety feature. This automatically prevents the user from tipping the unit when moving too quickly during a sharp turn which is only included in some of the newest mobility scooters.


Standard Features:

  • iTurn Technology
  • CTS Suspension
  • Full LED Light package
  • Ambient Voltmeter
  • Integrated USB Charger / Cup Holder
  • 3 Speed Control going up to 7 mph
  • 40 AH Batteries
  • Tiller Adjustment Lever
  • 400 lb. Weight Capacity


Additional information


Pearl White, Ocean Blue, Candy Apple Red


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