Covidien Kendall Alginate Hydrocolloid Dressing 4″ x 4″ (5 pack)


Kendall™ alginate hydrocolloid dressings are sterile wound dressings designed to use on light to moderately exudating wounds. These dressings provide an optimal moist wound healing environment. The alginate formulation provides greater absorbency to help reduce dressing changes. A thin profile helps improve product conformability.


Feature Benefit
Thin profile Allows for better conformability, reduces chance for “roll-up” and reduces chance of melt-down into wound site
Reinforced integrity Helps reduce dressing change frequency
Original alginate formulation Provides greater absorbency resulting in fewer dressing changes
Occlusive Maintains optimal moist wound healing environment and provides effective barrier against bacteria and fluid
Convenient Packaging Opens easily for excellent sterile presentation. Bordered edge allows for easy one handed application